From 22. February 2025

Die Zauberflöte

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Opera in two acts
Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder

produktion of Theater Bonn

–In German with German and English surtitles–

Conductor: Hermes Helfricht | Original Director, Costume and Stage Designer: Jürgen Rose

With: Tobias Schabel / Pavel Kudinov | Santiago Sánchez | Marie Heeschen / Katerina von Bennigsen | Lisa Mostin / Nicola Wacker

from age 6
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Tamino, a young prince, falls head over heels in love with the picture of the beautiful Pamina, daughter of the Queen of the Night. The Queen promises Tamino Pamina’s hand in marriage if he should succeed in freeing her from the clutches of majestic Sarastro. Tamino sets out with the amusing bird-catcher Papageno on a journey to the land of this mysterious ruler. The magic flute – a present from the Queen – will protect him on his way. The twosome together goes through a series of trials in which they are to maintain a vow of silence, prove themselves resolute and unwavering, and also demonstrate their courage.  While they oppose the forces of darkness, they learn the meaning of wisdom, friendship, and love.

Although the audience’s reaction to the premiere of the opera in the Freihaustheater on the outskirts of Vienna on September 30, 1791 was hardly euphoric, the opera soon thereafter became a true crowd-pleaser. Before long, in October of that year, it was performed almost daily. That today THE MAGIC FLUTE is perhaps one of the most well-known and often performed works in the history of opera, is beyond a doubt. But what is actually magical and popular in Mozart’s last great work for the stage?

Fairy tale, mythology, magical things, have always been for everyone fascinating. As an audience we embark together with the main characters on a journey of self-discovery. Who is indeed good and who is evil? In the music and in his characterization, Mozart combines elements from serious and comic opera. We hear the arias of the Queen of the Night with their acrobatic passages of coloratura as well as the folksy, catchy tunes of Papageno. After the production’s premiere in 1996 and a long series of revivals, Mozart’s classic is once again back on Bonn’s opera stage.

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Sarastro  Tobias Schabel (Termine)
Pavel Kudinov (Termine)
Tamino  Santiago Sánchez (Termine)
Tae Hwan Yun (Termine)
Sprecher  Mark Morouse
Erster Priester  Christopher Jähnig (Termine)
NN (Termine)
Zweiter Priester  Ralf Rachbauer
Pamina  Marie Heeschen (Termine)
Katerina von Bennigsen (Termine)
Königin der Nacht  Lisa Mostin (Termine)
Nicole Wacker (Termine)
1. Dame  Tetiana Miyus
1. Knabe  Kinderchorsolo
2. Knabe  Kinderchorsolo
3. Knabe  Kinderchorsolo
Papageno  Carl Rumstadt
Ein altes Weib / Papagena  Ava Gesell
Monostatos  Tae Hwan Yun (Termine)
Merlin Wagner (Termine)
1. Geharnischter  Ralf Rachbauer
2. Geharnischter  Christopher Jähnig (Termine)
NN (Termine)
1. Sklave  Chorsolo
2. Sklave  Chorsolo
3. Sklave  Chorsolo
Musikalische Leitung  Hermes Helfricht (Termine)
Inszenierung, Bühne, Kostüme nach  Jürgen Rose
Szenische Leitung der Wiederaufnahme  Marcelo Buscaino
Beleuchtungseinrichtung  Friedel Grass
Choreinstudierung  André Kellinghaus
Einstudierung Knaben  Ekaterina Klewitz
Regieassistenz und Abendspielleitung   Anna Pies
Studienleitung  Igor Horvat
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