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UN – Moving Together


Only a few years after their founding, the United Nations chose Bonn as their location, thus strengthening the city’s international character. We are delighted that now – shortly after the 25th anniversary of the UN in Bonn – we will be pursuing new avenues together.


The strategic cooperation between UN Bonn, the City of Bonn, the Theater Bonn, and Beethoven Orchester Bonn has two essential goals. Together, we would like to offer an appealing cultural programme in English for our city’s international guests, to people from across the world who live in Bonn or who are visiting the city. This programme will enable them to understand and enjoy exciting opera productions and fascinating concerts as well as guided tours or services for families. Contributing to a more sustainable world is a common interest between our organizations. The creative potential of our companies and our close cooperation with both the UN in Bonn and the city’s institutions will lead us to new formats, new avenues towards a sustainable world. We want to be a place for discussions about the future – open, creative and with each other.

We are very much looking forward to this new and innovative partnership, and intend to fill it with life – for the residents of Bonn and our international guests as well as for a sustainable world.

We wish you an exciting time at Theater Bonn and with the Beethoven Orchester Bonn.

Hinterhofoper for the UN in October 2023

Moving Together

Backstage Tours, Rehearsal Visits, Introductions, and much more

Are you interested in discovering the behind-the-scenes spaces of the Opera House,
attending a rehearsal, or engaging with the masterminds responsible for the productions?
Would you like to delve deeper into the details of the upcoming shows? As a component of the MOVING TOGETHER strategic collaboration, Theater Bonn extends an invitation to you to embark on a journey into the realm of opera through a range of English-language events suitable for all ages.

  • English Surtitles

    All performances of the Opera have English surtitles – this includes our Family Operas for children from the age of eight.

  • Introductions by our Opera Guides

    No matter what questions the audience may have, our volunteer Opera Guides will try to answer them all. In order to do so, they immerse themselves both in the work and the production three weeks before the premiere, so that on opening night, these students, retirees and employees from a wide range of professions will have become opera experts and give an introduction to the audience from one hour before the performance on. You are welcome to turn to them with your questions!

  • Guided Tours of the Opera House

    Why are there so many TV-sets hanging in the auditorium? How do we manage to make huge oil paintings disapear in a matter of seconds? And how do we create fake beards? On our guided tours through Theater Bonn, we’ll let you peek behind the curtains! Furthermore, there are dates specifically for families.


    Guided English Tours

    Guided tours, which take place regularly in English and look at the opera house as such, take place on the upcoming dates: 

  • Rehearsal Visits

    Two weeks before each premiere, the stage rehearsals start at the Opera House. On selected dates, we will open our doors for you. Before your rehearsal visit, there will be a conversation with some of the people involved in the production.

  • Workshops for the whole Family

    Unlike at the cinema, it can help to enjoy a performance at the opera and the theatre if you are familiar with the characters and the plot. In a workshop, participants of all ages will take on the various characters for two hours and we will playfully work out the plot and the music.

    You can find all options for families on our website at PORTAL, the joint communication platform of orchestra and opera. Or write to us at movingtogether@bonn.de.

Special Events

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An Exploratory Journey towards the Causes of Disappearing and Remaining

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in  cooperation with the NRW KULTURsekretariat