Your Visit

Our hygiene concept

We are delighted that we are able to perform for you! And your health is of great importance to us. All performances will take place under strict measures for protection and hygiene. Please take note that we have been selling the full seating capacity since the beginning of the season and therefore ticket sales have not been organised to create chessboard seating. Please rest assured that we have implemented the authorities’ directives to their full extent and therefore our hygiene concept is being continually updated.
We are currently choosing to limit the seating capacity for our performances in order to continue to ensure a pleasant theatre experience for our audience. This applies to those performances that are not yet completely sold out.
We are currently applying 2G-rules (vaccinated, recovered) as well as the mandatory wearing of a mouth and nose cover in all of Theater Bonn’s venues and while sitting in your seats during the performance.

What we do for your safety

  • Limitation of Seating Capacity

    The contingent of seats in our venues is currently limited to 637 seats for the opera house, 150 seats in the opera house foyer, 340 seats in the Schauspielhaus, 50 seats in the Schauspielhaus foyer and 90 seats in the Werkstatt. On the one hand, this is due to the pandemic situation and in order to continue to provide our audience with a pleasant theater experience. Due to the restricted admission situation in all venues, the control of the 2G regulation (vaccinated / recovered) takes more time to access the events. With the reduction, we want to avoid a backlog of the audience as much as possible, which is particularly useful for health protection in the cold season.

  • Rigorous Access Monitoring

    Due to the pandemic situation, German 2G-rules apply (vaccinated, recovered) for all performances at Theater Bonn. Visitors will only be admitted to events if they can provide the following certificates at the door:

    1. Certificate

    Vaccinated: An immunisation certificate of a full COVID-19 vaccination that must be at least 14 days old. Only vaccinations using EU-approved vaccines will be accepted.

    Recovered: A certificate of recovery from a Corona-infection (a positive CPR-test or a doctor’s certificate). The infection may not have taken place more than 6 months ago, unless visitors can provide an immunisation certificate of an additional vaccination.

    Young people from the age of 16 need a 2G-certificate (vaccinated, recovered) if they would like to attend events hosted by Theater Bonn and Beethoven Orchester Bonn. The same applies for school or college students who visit performances as a group or class: They also must provide proof of vaccination or recovery.

    Children and young people under the age of 16 are considered to be pupils and need neither a test certificate nor a school attendance document.

    Persons who hold a doctor’s certificate stating that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons need a current negative test. A rapid test may not be older than 24 hours, a PCR-test may not be older than 48 hours.

    2. Ticket

    3. Identity card or other official identification document with photo.

    Persons who are unable to provide these certificates when asked are to be excluded from the event.

  • Frequent cleaning of the premises

    All neuralgic points and areas on our premises are thoroughly cleaned every day.

  • Ventilation Systems in all Venues

    Fresh air is constantly supplied via our ventilation systems at the Opera House, Werkstattbühne and Schauspielhaus.

  • Entrance and signposting system

    Our entrance and signposting system will make sure that you can always keep a sufficient distance to others. Opernhaus and Schauspielhaus will open their doors 60 minutes before the beginning of the performance, the Werkstatt is open from 30 minutes before the shows. We would like to ask you to take your seats as soon as you can.

What you can do