Mina oder die Reise zum Meer

A ballad fairy tale miniopera for one flutist and one baritone

Anno Schreier (*1979)
Libretto by Alexander Jansen

from age of 4 40 minutes no intermission

Musical Director: Jan Arvid Prée
Director: Ruben Michael
Stage and costumes: Kristopher Kempf
Dramaturgy: Johanna Gremme

with: Sally Beck (Mina) & Frederik Schauhoff (Bariton)


Mina must get out into the world. Together with her black lamb “Wölkchen” (Little Cloud) she follows the course of a stream. On their way they discover the magical power of music, live through many an adventure, and little by little make their world a bit friendlier and merrier.

For schools on request: write to portal@bonn.de

A Cooperation of Theater Bonn with Deutschen Oper am Rhein and Theater Dortmund within the cooperation Junge Oper Rhein-Ruhr.

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