NO to Racism – YES to Democracy

The secret meeting of right-wing extremists and AfD officials in Potsdam in November 2023, which was uncovered by CORRECTIV, shows the extent to which our democracy is under attack. At the event, plans were made for how thousands of people with a migration background could be deported from Germany.

Statement des Theater Bonn

We, the Theater Bonn, are appalled by the strengthening of racist ideas in Germany and the escalation in the form of concrete plans for so-called »remigration« by citizens and politicians of the extreme right-wing scene.
We are clearly opposed to all forms of right-wing extremism, racism and hate speech.

Like society as a whole, we as a theater are a place of art, diversity and togetherness, where people meet and contribute to a colorful and lively dialogue precisely through their differences.

Therefore, we are certainly part of the first signatories to support the call for the demonstration and rally AGAINST RACISM, FOR DEMOCRACY on Sunday, January 21, at 2 p.m. on Bonn's market square.

Let us stand up together for democracy and the diversity of our society.

Dr Bernhard Helmich, General Manager Theater Bonn
Rüdiger Frings, Commercial Director Theater Bonn


Bonn's parties DIE GRÜNEN, CDU, SPD, FDP, DIE LINKE and VOLT are calling for a rally and demonstration in front of the Old Town Hall on Bonn's market square on Sunday, January 21 from 2 pm.


Staged reading at the Berliner Ensemble

Scenic realization of the unveiling of CORRECTIV

On January 17, 2024, Kay Voges staged the scenic realization of CORRECTIV's explosive revelations at the Berliner Ensemble.
The recording of the staged reading can be accessed here (start of the reading at approx. minute 18.30).