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Bonner Bühnen

We are one of 14 theatres that have united to raise the visibility of the impressive variety of performing arts in Bonn.

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“Opernfreunde Bonn” are committed to high-quality musical theatre in Bonn and actively advocate for their interests in communication with decision makers. They see themselves as a connecting link between artists and audience.

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“Gesellschaft der Freunde des Schauspiels e.V.“ is an association of Bonn citizens who are interested in drama and especially committed to support the main venue of Theater Bonn’s drama branch.

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Theatergemeinde Bonn

“Theatergemeinde Bonn” offers a large variety of reasonably priced subscriptions that represent the entire spectrum of Bonn’s cultural life. It sees itself as a mediator between cultural professionals and the audience.

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Volksbühne Bonn

The non-profit “Volksbühne Bonn e.V.“ was founded in 1953 and is Bonn’s second-largest audience organisation.

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This non-profit association was founded to promote productions of children’s operas at Theater Bonn and to assist in establishing musical children’s theatre in Bonn’s cultural life.

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Richard Wagner Verband Bonn

“Richard-Wagner-Verband-Bonn” was founded in 1989 and is one of 131 associations in the global “Richard-Wagner-Verband International”.

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Under the motto of “Partnerschaft für mehr Kultur (Partnership for more Culture)”, WDR3 cooperates with more than 100 theatres, concert halls, museums, cultural organisations and festivals in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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