From 4. April 2020

As it is in heaven

A cooperation project

By Kay Pollak

- With German and English Surtitles -

From ages 10+

10 years +
Premiere 04.04.
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There are not many plays that explore the topics of music, artistic passion and their positive impacts on individuals and social structures as intensely as WIE IM HIMMEL, written by Kay Pollack on the basis of his eponymous, Academy Award-nominated film WIE IM HIMMEL (As It Is in Heaven).

The celebrated concert conductor Daniel Daréus is at the peak of his success and idolised by audience and critics alike, when he suffers a heart attack. He withdraws from public life and attempts to find his way back to himself in the solitude of his native village, where no one knows his artistic alias. Although all he really wants is to be left in peace, he soon agrees to take over the village’s church choir and to study Beethoven-lieder with them. With his unusual and inspiring working methods, Daniel soon wins over the singers and the choir increases in size and quality. At the same time, the members open up to each other, revealing many problems that had been hidden under the cloak of silence.

The strict parson, whose wife also belongs to the choir, sees how his influence on his congregation dwindles and he retaliates: He dismisses Daréus and revokes his leadership of the choir. But the members decide to take part in a competition against the parson’s will. Their performance becomes a triumph.

This final competition is an opportunity for interested choirs from Bonn to become part of this production on the opera’s stage.

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Daniel Daréus, Dirigent  Roland Silbernagl
Inger, Stigs Frau  Andrea Brunetti
Stig Berggren, Pfarrer  Wilhelm Eilers
Gabriella, Connys Frau  Julia Philippi
Conny, Gabriellas Mann  Timo Kählert
Siv, Chorleiter  Dominik Schiefner
Arne  Jan Herrmann
Holmfried  Günter Alt
Florence  Giselheid Hönsch
Chor / Dorfgemeinschaft  Ulrich Köhler
  Eike Kutsche
  Christina Wouters
  Helena Kljutschkowa
  Ilona Hermes
  Konstantinos Drakonakis
  Philipp Andriotis
  Felix Adams
  Elena Gontscharowa
  Bernhard Hieronymi
  Silvia Walker
  Marion Wallraff
  Ulrich Abt
  Alexander Deisling
Chor  Chor des Theater Bonn
Inszenierung  Tatjana Rese
Musikalische Leitung  Marco Medved (Termine)
Ana Craciun
Bühne und Kostüme  Dorit Lievenbrück
Video  Thomas Lippick
Licht  Boris Kahnert
Dramaturgie  Jens Groß (Termine)
Andreas K. W. Meyer
Choreinstudierung  Marco Medved
Regieassistenz und Abendspielleitung  Mark Daniel Hirsch
Maria Verdeguer
Korrepetition  Benedict Kearns
Bühnenbildassistenz  Johanna Bajohr
Kostümassistenz  Marina Rosenstein
Inspizienz  Tilla Foljanty
Karsten Sandleben
Soufflage  Miklos Horváth
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