From 21. August 2022

Theatre Festival

in cooperation with the Sport- und Bäderamt Bonn

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In cooperation with the Sport- und Bäderamt of the City of Bonn, we will open the 2022/23 theatre's season this year with a large theatre and family festival starting at 2 pm in and around the Opera House Bonn.

On several stages in and in front of the opera house and at many stands, the opera and drama of Theater Bonn as well as the various partners and friends create a colourful, varied programme: on an open-air stage on the opera lawn, in the foyer, in front of and behind the scenes, on the stage of the opera house and the stage Werkstattbühne – with the actors and actresses of the ensemble, singers, musicians of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and employees of the various institutions. The drama presents itself, among other things, with programs on the large outdoor stage, but also with the own productions of the assistant directors on the stage Werkstattbühne inside the opera house. For the young audience aged 4 and over, the Sitzkissenooper LEINWANDHELDEN will be performed again with classics from musicals and films.

You can also look forward to a varied programme alternating between the world of sports, opera, drama, the children's and youth programme PORTAL, our costume and prop auction, readings and many other entertaining insights on and behind the scenes of the Theater Bonn.

For the detailed programme see here.

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Soli Oper 
Unsere Welt neu denken  Lukas Berg
Unsere Welt neu denken  Friedrich Dinter
Unsere Welt neu denken  Joonas Lorenz
Istanbul  Torsten Kindermann
Istanbul  Jan-Sebastian Weichsel
Istanbul  Koray Berat Sari
Choreinstudierung  Marco Medved
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