22. January 2023


Alonzo King Lines Ballet (San Francisco, USA)

Choreography: Alonzo King
Music: Jason Moran / Charles Lloyd

12 Dancers

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Alonzo King and his top-fit international level dance company has pursued since its founding in 1982 an artistic vision. His work is distinguished for its precise, innovative, geometric formal language and for its collaboration with extraordinary musicians coming from different cultures. Without shunning tradition, aesthetic rules and strict formal guidelines are pushed beyond their limits. High musicality, his own contemporary and neoclassical language of movement, exceptionally well-trained dancers together with elegant lighting design are trademarks of his work. Alonzo King’s choreographies can be described as abstract, but at the same time they are expressive and moving.

Alonzo King, described by William Forsythe as one of the few true masters of contemporary ballet, with his unique artistic vision and his humanistic approach to dance, has left his mark on his company, the LINES ballet, which he founded in 1982. Alonzo King was the son of civil rights activist Slater King, who in the 50s and 60s fought together with Malcom X and Martin Luthor King for civil rights for African Americans in the USA and was jailed many times for his activity.  Alonzo wound up in his work with his legendary dance company being a revolutionary of another, gentler sort. He redefined ballet and brought it into the present.

The octet The Personal Element is a celebration of pure beauty and of poetic interaction between dance and music.

AZOTH refers to a term from alchemy that denotes the transmutation of one substance into another. It belongs to an alchemist’s conception of the world in which the philosopher’s stone, i.e. pure spiritual substance, is refined from raw material.

The world renown saxophonist Charles Lloyd and the just as well-known jazz pianist Jason Moran are responsible for the music. Hagar’s Song is one of their best-selling albums.

Arrangements Philip Perkins | Light Jim Campbell / Jason Moran | Costumes Robert Rosenwasser.


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