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The Love for three Oranges (L'amour des Trois Oranges)

Serge Prokofieff (1891 – 1953)

Opera in a prologue and four acts
French libretto by the composer & Véra Janacopoulos
after Carlo Gozzi's comedy L'AMORE DELLE TRE MELARANCE

–In French with surtites in German and English–

Conductor: Dirk Kaftan | Director: Leo Muscato

Premiere 14.04.
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»Some critics appear at least to try to understand who’s leg I am pulling: the audience, Gozzi, the conventional form of opera or simply all who don’t know how to laugh!« (Prokofiev)

An oscillating, lively play encompassing fairy tales and masquerades, magicians and monarchs, princesses and princes and many other characters from the realm of fantasy – all that is THE LOVE FOR THREE ORANGES. Composed over a hundred years ago, the opera will be seen again at the Bonn Opera House in a staging by comedy expert Leo Muscato.

The opera exceeds the bounds of naïve fairy tales as well as those of impromptu comedy in the tradition of the commedia dell’arte. It works like a model for the experimental avant-garde theater of the 1920s.

After some difficulty owing to the unexpected death of the Chicago Opera Association’s Director Companini and his hesitant interim successor, the opera first had its premiere in Chicago on December 30, 1921. Despite some irritation at the start, the work quickly met with success all over the world. It is Prokofiev’s best-known opera, and its famous march has become perhaps the composer’s most identifiable piece of music.

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König Treff  Magnus Piontek
Prinz  Uwe Stickert
Prinzessin Clarisse  Khatuna Mikaberidze (Termine)
NN (Termine)
Truffaldino  Tae Hwan Yun
Pantalon / Farfarello  Carl Rumstadt
Zauberer Tschelio  Martin Tzonev
Fata Morgana  Yannick-Muriel Noah
Nicoletta  Ayaka Igarashi
Köchin  Pavel Kudinov
Smeraldina  Ava Gesell
Zeremonienmeister  NN
Extrachor  Extrachor des Theater Bonn
Musikalische Leitung  Dirk Kaftan (Termine)
Daniel Johannes Mayr (Termine)
Inszenierung  Leo Muscato
Bühnenbild  Andrea Belli
Kostüme  Margherita Baldoni
Licht  Max Karbe
Choreinstudierung  Marco Medved
Regieassistenz und Abendspielleitung  Alma Gentile
Musikalische Assistenz  Daniel Johannes Mayr
Musiklaische Assistenz Chor  Joonhee Lee
Studienleitung  Igor Horvat
Korrepetition  Elia Tagliavia
Bühnenbildassistenz  Ansgar Baradoy
Kostümassistenz  Nury Stefanie Willig
Inspizienz  Karsten Sandleben
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