With our KEHRAUSKONZERT we start into this year's summer break. 

Marie Heeschen, Giorgos Kanaris, Mark Morouse, Yannick Muriel Noah, George Oniani, Mirko Roschkowski, Tobias Schabel, Martin Tzonev, Anne-Fleur Werner, as well as other members of our ensemble, the Chorus and Extra Chorus of Theater Bonn, conducted by Marco Medved, and the Beethoven Orchester Bonn will present excerpts from this season's operas: ARABELLA, LA CENERENTOLA, DON CARLO, ERNANI, EIN FELDLAGER IN SCHLESIEN, DIE FLEDERMAUS, LEONORE 40/45, LI-TAI-PE and  CARMINA BURANA.

The audience can look forward to a varied program under the conductorships of Hermes Helfricht, Daniel Johannes Mayr and Marco Medved.

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