23. January 2024



B.Dance [Taipeh / Taiwan]

Choreografie: Po-Cheng Tsai | Bühne & Licht: Otto Chang | Musikkomposition: Rockid Lee

8 Tänzerinnen & Tänzer


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FLOATING FLOWERS is inspired by a traditional Taiwanese religious celebration that takes place at the Ghost Festival, one of the most beautiful and popular Buddhist ceremonies in the country. Floating lanterns placed on water are meant to worship deities, to send away bad luck and bring happiness. They are also intended to convey wishes and pay tribute to the deceased.

In Po-Cheng Tsai’s childhood, it was tradition for his father to take him to the festival to write his wishes on the lanterns, to set them adrift and to watch them being carried away by the flow of the river. Since his father’s passing, Tsai lost faith in the ritual of his childhood, but was inspired to create FLOATING FLOWERS to honour his father and free himself from memories that haunted him.

He thus proposes a refreshing and optimistic piece where the dancers, wrapped in vaporous muslin, seem to float gracefully above the water.

Taiwanese choreographer Po-Cheng Tsai graduated from Taipei National University of Arts in 2009. Following his education, he founded B.DANCE and established his unique choreographic language and aesthetic. By combining traditional Asian movements and martial arts with contemporary dance, B.DANCE offers theatrical, physical, and emotional performances that are approachable and inspiring for diverse audiences.

Several times awarded in international choreographic competitions, Po-Cheng Tsai has also choreographed for renowned dance companies such as Introdans, Tanz Luzerner Theatre, Gauthier Dance, Cloud Gate 2, Bern Tanzcompagnie and La Veronal.

The Taiwanese choreographer develops a unique choreographic language and style that combines traditional Asian movements, martial arts and contemporary dance. He pushes the boundaries to achieve an aesthetic that incorporates oriental mysticism and fantasy into theatrical, physical and moving plays that are accessible and inspiring to all audiences. Po-Cheng Tsai was awarded Choreographer of the Year 2018 by the German magazine Tanz. In 2019, B.DANCE received the Mervyn Stutter  »Spirit of the Fringe« Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


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