18. March 2023

Destination: Bonn

A Flight from the Sixties into the Future

English Tour


„Et bliev nix wie et wor!“ [nothing ever stays the same] 
(Proverb from the Rhineland)

approx. 60 minutes
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In 1965, when the Bonn Opera House first opened its doors, the city was the capital of West Germany (the "Bonn Republic") and struggling to find its identity and urban focus points. Until this day, the Opera House is a witness to neverending transformations. Do you want to connect with Bonn, its heritage and its prospects? Then come in and have a seat in one of the custom-made sixties lounge chairs: This building has a story to tell.


Tickets are available at our box offices exclusively and in advance. The advance sale begins on January 20th, 2023.

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