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The Singing Devil

[Der singende Teufel]

Franz Schreker (1878 – 1934)

Opera in four acts

approx. 160 minutes 1 intermission
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Until late in the twenties of the 20th century Franz Schreker was the only composer in German-speaking countries whose performance numbers could keep pace with those of Richard Strauss. And: Schreker was the darling of the critics.

This status began to waver in 1924 with the performance of IRRELOHE in Cologne; the nitpicking of the reviewers indicated a change of favor, although Schreker had not strayed from the path he had up till then always taken and for which he had always been highly praised.

At the same time the National Socialists, growing ever more powerful, stirred up the public opinion against him. The conditions beforehand could hardly have been worse when on December 10, 1928, his new opera, with Erich Kleiber conducting, had its premiere at the Staatsoper in Berlin: THE SINGING DEVIL bombed. A rampaging mob of SA members sitting in the audience contributed to the opera’s failure. After 1933 Schreker’s works were banned in Germany and they disappeared from the international repertoire. Starting with a few isolated radio productions, Franz Schreker’s music in the forties, fifties and sixties only gradually returned to public awareness and to the opera stage. In the Schreker renaissance, admittedly to this day THE SINGING DEVIL, in its original form, has played only a minor role.


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Amandus Herz  Mirko Roschkowski
Pater Kaleidos  Tobias Schabel
Ritter Sinbrand von Fraß  Pavel Kudinov
Der maurische Pilger  Carl Rumstadt
Lenzmar  Tae Hwan Yun
Erste Alumne  Ava Gesell
Zweite Alumne  Alicia Grünwald
Erster Laienbruder  Wooseok Shim
Zweiter Laienbruder  Hyoungjoo Yun
Ein Heide  Algis Lunskis
Die Vermummten  Jae Hoon Jung (Termine)
In Hyeok Park (Termine)
Justo Rodriguez (Termine)
Christian Specht (Termine)
Jonghoon You (Termine)
Tanzensemble  Edit Domoszlai (Termine)
Kevin Franc (Termine)
Tyler Galster (Termine)
Enrique Lopez Flores (Termine)
Rosalia Panepinto (Termine)
Kaja Piszczek (Termine)
Adrian Ros (Termine)
Extrachor  Extrachor des Theater Bonn
Statisterie  Statisterie des Theater Bonn
Orchester  Beethoven Orchester Bonn
Musikalische Leitung  Dirk Kaftan
Inszenierung  Julia Burbach
Ausstattung  Dirk Hofacker
Licht  Max Karbe
Dramaturgie  Andreas K. W. Meyer
Choreografie  Cameron McMillan
Assistentin des Choreografen  Mar Rodriguez Valverde
Choreinstudierung  Marco Medved
Regieassistenz und Abendspielleitung  Yaroslavia Kalesidis
Regiehospitanz  Inga Hinrichs
Musikalische Assistenz  Daniel Johannes Mayr
Musikalische Assistenz Chor  Joonhee Lee
Studienleitung  Pauli Jämsä
Korrepetition  Igor Horvat
Pauli Jämsä
Elia Tagliavia
Bühnenbildassistenz  Ansgar Baradoy
Kostümassistenz  Nury Stefanie Willig
Mara Schönborn
Inspizienz  Karsten Sandleben
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