17. November 2022


eVolution Dance Theater (Italy)

Choreography & Light-effects: Anthony Heinl
Light-designe: Mimmo L’Abbate

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The dance show BLU INFINITO (Infinite Blue) from the eVolution Dance Theater is a symbiosis of trompe-l’oeil pictures, special lighting technology, and moving bodies that evokes an underwater world, a world that is both magical and unfathomable. The water flows, dances and cascades in a wondrous voyage. Corals illuminated by the sun’s rays penetrate the water’s surface. The seabed is illuminated with colors as if painted with light. There is no top or bottom, no gravity, but only incredible lightness, floating without constraint. BLU INFINITO transports you to a world of pure imagination.

Anthony Heinl is an enfant terrible on the dance scene. After successful training at the Boston Conservatory in the US, he danced for many years with the Momix Dance Theatre. With them he toured time and again Italy. In Rome he founded 2008 the eVolution Dance Theater. His productions create a natural-working dreamworld, a collection of captivating pictures that delight in their movement, in which moments of surprise and illusory naturalness are scrupulously staged. His pieces are a mixture of acrobatics, blacklight effects, optical illusion, magic, and motion. His performers are actresses, acrobats, dancers, magicians, contortionists, and athletes. The bodies of the protagonists perform in a new world of light in which shadows are submerged in color, the landscape, painted with light and the laws of nature are rewritten to create a surreal, glowing, fascinating new reality. The fusion of various disciplines creates a spectacle of unforgettable, visual impact.


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