Arabian Night Music

or the Pandemic of Loneliness

Jürgen R. Weber (*1963)

A musical dreamplay
Music from Wolfgang Amadé Mozart, Richard Wagner & Hussain Atfah
arranged for children’s chorus, chamber orchestra and ooriental instruments by Ekaterina Klewitz
–in German und Syrian Arabic with Surtitles in German and English–

Here you find information regarding the production in Arabic language.

75 Minuten keine Pause

At some time, somewhere: little people, maybe children or teenagers. They know not where they came from, they know not where to go. But equipped with protective helmets, protective clothing in secure shelters, they are safe. Breathing masks provide them with risk-free air, they eat risk-free food, and read risk-free messages from their friends, without knowing any longer what they look like or how their voices sound. Although they live in airtight bubbles, the smell of fear and loneliness makes its way to them through invisible cracks. At night they hear a dream singer singing in a colorful foreign language about dangerous voyages. Voyages to the other end of the world.  Is it only an illusion? Or is there life beyond their risk-free world? After sunset, seven little people leave their bubbles and set out on a risky adventure, namely life.



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