Cancellation of Performances

Aufgrund der beschlossenen Maßnahmen der Bundesregierung zur Eindämmung der Corona-Pandemie stellt das Theater Bonn den Spielbetrieb bis auf Weiteres ein.

Weitere Informationen zur Wiederaufnahme des Spielbetriebes werden so bald wie möglich bekanntgegeben.

Return options

Please read the following information and contact the respective outlet.  

1. Ticket Purchases at Theater Bonn's Box Offices

Visitors who have purchased tickets for one of these performances at Theater-und Konzertkasse Bonn or at the box office at the Schauspielhaus can return them to Theater Bonn and choose among several return options.

Formular Ticket-Rückgabe [Download | 0,5 MB]

2. Subscription Tickets

Performances within a theatre subscription will be exchanged free of charge. Subscribers with a fixed seat do not have to contact the box office. Fixed subscribers will receive an exchange slip or voucher for the regular cancelled event. If you should have changed your original subscription performance to a different date, please send us your ticket for the changed date. You will then receive an exchange slip or voucher.

Subscribers with a Flex Subscription are asked to send their tickets to THEATER BONN and will then receive an exchange slip or voucher. These exchange slips or vouchers are valid for a period of 3 years.

3. Online ticket purchases via Theater Bonn’s webshop or BonnTicket

If you have purchased your tickets online, you will be automatically reimbursed by CTS Eventim or DERTICKETSERVICE or BONNTICKET. You do not need to contact the ticket outlet. You will be informed by them. Online ticket sales are not processed by THEATER BONN but via an external agency. In case of delayed processing, please contact the after-sales-service of CTS EVENTIM or of DERTICKETSERVICE, Back Office, Postfach 10 22 23, 50462 Köln or 0221 – 280 4540 or via e-mail at order@derticketservice.de Further processing will be operated by these agencies.

4. Ticket Purchases via a different ticket office

If you have purchased your tickets directly from any other booking office (e.g. KölnTicket, Kaufhof Bonn, Bücherstube Sankt Augustin, General Anzeiger/Mister Music or others), please turn directly to this booking office.

If these booking offices should be closed due to the current situation, please contact the theatre’s box office via phone between the hours of 10:00h and 14:00h (77 8022 or 77 8008) or by mail at theaterkasse@bonn.de We will find an individual solution for your request.

5. Ticket Donation

As organisers of these events, we would be very happy if you would not return your tickets and consider the option of donating them instead. This is a special opportunity to show your appreciation of our work by donating your tickets. This donation would support the work of THEATER BONN and the people who create culture.

There are several options for ticket donations:

a) You waive reimbursement of the ticket price by keeping your tickets. You do not have to take any further action. The paid ticket price will be automatically booked as a donation (no donation receipt).

b) Purchase of a PRINT@HOME-TICKET (self-printed)

If you have bought an online ticket to print at home (print@home), you could let the provider of the ticket (DERTICKETSERVICE or Bonnticket.de, contact: order@derticketservice.de) reimburse your ticket price and donate it to THEATER BONN’s account with Sparkasse KölnBonn (IBAN DE15 3705 0198 0000 011494 / BIC COLSDE33). If you wish, we will send you a donation receipt* if you let us know your post address.

* Financial authorities do not require donation receipts in writing for sums lower than 200 €.