Salim Ben Mammar




Performed in:
„Interface“, Ch: Fang Yun Lo / Polymer DMT September 2015
„…and the other“, Ch: Maria Golding, Mai 2015
„Penumbra“, Ch: „Overhead Project“, Guestdancer, Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg, Juli 2015
„Extraschicht2015“(Aerial), Reg,Idee: Klaus Borkens, Jahrunderhalle Bochum, Jun 2015
„Kindheit“, Reg: Stephan Weiland, Ch: Gary Joplin, Marienbadtheater, Freiburg,Jan 2015
„Romeo and Julia“, Ch: Bärbel Stenzenberger, „Tanzkompanie bo komplex“ , Jul 2014
„Shanghai Bolero Triptych“, Ch: Didier Théron, Mai 2014, Cologne
„Make the switch from me“, Ch: Birute Letukaite, „Aura Dance Company“, April 2014 Kaunas (LIT)
„Feedforward“, Ch: Georg Reischl, September 2013 Cologne, Dresden
„Deleted Scenes“, „Motiv/N/ation“, Ch: Guy&Roni, Edan Gorlicki, „Club Guy&Roni´s
Poetic Disasters Club“, Tour: March-July 2013 (NL)
„Pineapple“, Ch: Ivan Pérez, Exchange program: „CROSSOVER/55/2“, Tour: April-June 2012 (ES, NL, GER)
„Human Brain“, Ch: Tobias Weikamp, choreographic assistant, April 2012 Bocholt
„Green Old Man“, Ch: ClubGuy&Roni, (reconstruction), October 2011 Cologne
„Bodies in urban spaces“, Ch: Willi Dorner, site specific perform. May 2011 Heilbronn
„Am I Out ?“, Ch: Anouk van Dijk, (reconstruction), April 2011 Cologne
„Urban Fragments“, Ch: Athena Mazarakis, site specific perform. March 2011 Cologne

Own choreographic works :
„Border“, Comp: Ludger Vollmer, Reg: Elena Tzavara „Youthopera Cologne“, September 2012 Cologne
„simply active“, solo-performance, May 2011 Freiburg
„Out of Order“, (four dancers), February 2011 Cologne, Freiburg

Current work:
„Can´t you see that we are busy right now ?“, Ch: Dwayne Holliday

Artistic education:
2010-2014 Studies: BA Dance in July 2014, Center for Contemporary Dance at the University for Music and Dance Cologne
2005 - 2007 Paris, for parcourtraining with William Belle, founder of „Yamakasi“ and „L Á rt de Deplacement“
2004 - 2010 Participated in several dance, theatre and opera performances and parkour teacher at the Theatre of Freiburg in Breisg.

Special training:
2014 Certified & licensed Gyrokinesis® teacher
2013 Autodidactic fire poi, Cajon playing and drumming
2007 - 2010 Plant mechanic for water / air conditioning at the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany
Since 2006 Since 2006 Experienced parcour teacher for all ages

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